“so i’ve been tryin’ ta slow it down
i’ve been tryin’ ta take it in
in this here today, gone tomorrow world we’re livin’ in.”

-Kenny Chesney “Don’t Blink”

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The bigger the hair, the closer to Heaven.

Because I’ve made 3 dozen scrumptious cookies, color coded my Bonnaroo schedule, and read far too much of my communication textbook than I think is necessary for one day- I’ve moved on to making ‘Big Girl Decisions’. This just happens to include looking up where I can (and want to) intern next summer. Last time I was in Atlanta and around the busiest airport in the world… ( yes that’s right- it really is Hartsfield-Jackson) I got the idea of working for an airline stuck in my head. I thought about Delta, it would be a realistic plan since my mom is moving so close to the airport…but then it hit me. Southwest. Texas. Dream Internship.

Some people dream about New York City but I’ve been there and gotten the T-shirt. I think it’s a fantastic city and I love visiting but it’s just not my jam. We didn’t have that spark together. I dream about the ‘Southern T’s” – Tennessee and Texas.

You’ve seen the Southwest commercials so I don’t need to tell you that it seems like a fun company. I honestly though that fun would stop at the commercials but when I looked at the internship I was (gladly) proven wrong. I’m all about a company offering me a ‘laid back dress code 365 days of the year’ and on the job/real world experience all the while making sure I’m in tip top condition with dental and health insurance benefits. jackpot? sounds like it to me.

Bonus: it’s a legitimate reason for me to spend my summer in Texas. I’ve wanted to check the state out for longer than a few days since I drove through five years ago. Every time I pick up a magazine someone always seems to be gushing about Austin, Dallas, or the whole state in general. I think five years is long enough to think about a state (ok I actually think I’m bit overdue but…) and it should be my time to gush.

So if anyone from Southwest gets the tag from this post via a search engine or you just already happen to read my blog (wouldn’t that be spectacular?) I’ll have completed my junior year of college next summer and will be filling out your application in a semester and a half. I’d love for you to keep me in mind.

Au revoir,


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Home is where the heart is.

Georgia round 2 is looking as official as ever. Three cheers for a new house (with a garage- thankthelord.)

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Pandora Saves

Sorry about the lack of posts- I’m also blogging for a class this summer and it’s unfortunately taken the majority of my time when I’m not packing. That being said… I still update my tumblr err day. check it.

Summer goal: pack up my life to fit in 3 different places in 3 weeks
1) Herndon
2) Harrisonburg
3) Henry County, GA (Stockbridge didn’t fit with the whole ‘h’ theme)

This goal sounded much easier when I first made it. In real life- notsomuch. “Mom, I’ll be totally fine getting everything packed and taking a summer class before I go to Bonnaroo and then peacing out for Harrisonburg the day I get back. Of course you can take all my boxes to Georgia without me”. yikes.

As a result of me waking up at 8am this morning and staying in my flannel shorts/ neon sports bra combo we’ve seen some progress. My dresser is empty, the walls are bare,  my closet is organized and I’ve packed everything under my bed (no small feat people). This time tomorrow my room will have zero furniture in it and I consequently will be moving down to the basement for a few weeks.

Perk of the basement: bigger bed
Con of the basement: It’s freezing and I’ll be waking up with the sun

Tomorrow we’re taking over the attic. Should be interesting considering I’m pretty sure I still have stuff up there that I moved from GA the first time (aka haven’t even thought about in 4 years). After the attic is packed it should be smooth sailing into Friday when we’re hitting the road again for Georgia. Except this time we’re going allllll the way to Macon- but it’s ok because it means going to the wedding!!! God, I love weddings. Then it’s back to VA on Sunday to continue packing.

Alternating Darius Rucker, Eric Church, and Sleigh Bells Pandora to keep my sanity.

Cross your fingers that it works.

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honky tonk

“Gonna stomp my boots in the Georgia mud
Gonna watch you make me fall in love
Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor
Up on the tool box, it don’t matter
Down on the tailgate
Girl I can’t wait
To watch you do your thing”

Luke Bryan- Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

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It’s been a while since I’ve been in the not-so-pleasant parts of downtown Atlanta but yesterday I had a good look. One of my best friends is living right down the block from some of the shadier parts of town in Grant Park, but he insists he can leave the windows open all day without any disturbance at all. And I mean it’s really not that bad you just have to beware that your car rides will probably be a little quieter if (when) your radio gets stolen.

side note: I’m giving him public props- congratulations on actually moving downtown and decorating your apartment with a record player, velvet painting, black & white tile, and polaroids on the fridge. You’ve become the laid back guy whose cool enough to be a hipster but it’s cooler that you don’t know (or care).

Ok back to the day. We thrifted on the higher priced side in Little Five Points where an old Gap t-shirt can run you about ten bucks. And I don’t mean old as in vintage …we’re talking that weird cut stuff from the 90’s. Without much luck at rag-o-rama we stopped for coffee. This was not my typical coffee shop. It had… character. Hand doodled sayings like “Darling, you’re a fag” were scrawled over trashcans, counter tops, and chairs with doll heads and skulls hanging from the ceiling. I love Atlanta.

Then we went to Wax N Facts- the nearby record store and after scouring for Eat A Peach and coming up empty handed  we settled on Dead Mau5 and The Decemberists. And a day in downtown (anywhere) wouldn’t be complete without people wanting you to buy their crafts/ listen to their music/ whatever. We stopped to talk to a guy who was making stone and copper jewelry and learn about the good energy that we could nab if we bought a piece. I also now know that my zodiac sign, scorpio, has three element signs. I’m emotional, I think too much, and I’m grounded. awesome. He was a good sport about it and we listened to a guy’s speech for a solid ten minutes before we peaced out.

Sorry- i hate drafts but my batteries going dead.  to be continued…

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Happy Mother’s Day

So excited to spend the day shopping and bopping around Atlanta with my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!


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