Bows Bows Bows

Spring is in the air and this season it’s all about the bow!

At first I thought the obsession with bows was just in the JMU bubble- but after going home this weekend & visiting Nordstrom, H&M, Charlotte Russe, and J.Crew…it’s official- bows are EVERYWHERE!

Whether it be on headbands, shoes (SHOES!), satchels, blazers, or jewelry- you name it and a designer has probably put a bow on it. As a sorority woman I’m pretty much obsessed with this trend (and have been since my mom started taping them onto my head even before my hair grew in as a baby…wish I was kidding) & can’t wait to see this trend pop up all around campus. Bows and Norts* anyone? I think so.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the new bows re-invented from 2009 in fresh pastels and nudes. We’re talking crisp seafoam greens, patent nude leather, creamy peaches and shell grey with the occasional sequin thrown in here and there for a touch of sparkle. Runway designers like Marc Jacobs, DVF, Jason Wu, and my personal favorite, Yves Saint Laurent are going with the theme “the bigger the better” so I’m voting the JMU biddy* follow suit around campus. Outside of hburg…I’d probably tone it down to a smaller smarter bow with a tulip skirt or skinny jeans and a pair of petite flats.

What about you…will you rock the big bow this spring?




About urbanpeach

A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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