bite sized deliciousness

My best friend from home started making cake balls a while ago and every single time she’s served them they’ve been a smash hit. Essentially, they’re little bites of super rich cake covered in icing or chocolate. AKA- bite sized deliciousness.

photo cred: College Girl Cakery

You can get the most common recipe for the red velvet variety on bakerella and she plays around with different flavors on the site as well.

It’s super easy to make them and cheap to boot but they do require a little preparing if you want to make them for a function since you should chill them for a while before you try and cover them in whatever your heart desires.

The best part is the flexibility the recipe offers- I just made yellow cake with lemon icing covered in white chocolate* and actually ended up liking them more than the chocolate filled ones I had made earlier. Next up, I’m going to make the chocolate filling again (devils food cake mix with vanilla icing) and try to dip only half of them in a dark chocolate ganache (only half since the ganache doesn’t harden like other icings) and top with sea salt. The perfect combo of salty & sweet : )

Devils Food Cake via Soupbelly

Stay tuned for pictures of the chocolate ganache!

You can also put these little suckers on lollipop sticks (from a local craft sore) and bunch them together with ribbon to make the cutest little gift bouquet for anyone in your life that you think deserves a little extra something.

Photo Cred: Bakerella

*If you choose to follow my lead and use white chocolate make sure to work very fast because it cools and thickens faster than semi-sweet or dark chocolate

enjoy : )



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1 Response to bite sized deliciousness

  1. Brittney says:

    These are the most delicious things that have ever entered my stomach. I can’t wait to make some!!

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