Parlez-vous français?

image via apartment 34

I have a love-hate relationship with the french language. I couldn’t be more obsessed with the food and culture and have no problem reading it…but the speaking and writing part…not so much. So anyway I’ve been preparing a presentation I’m giving right after spring break (with 2 partners, thank goodness) and it’s got me all in love with the culture again.

image via Stardust & Sequins

There’s just something about the effortless look french models pull off (ok, all models for that matter) but then I remember they had about 10 people help them achieve that “effortless” look. Nonetheless, it’s still impressive.

Plus, if I could eat these eclairs fresh from a Parisian patissier in the morning? Yum.

image via Foodgawker

1 more midterm until spring break…

Au revoir, mes amours


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A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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