Golden Girls

I started watching Golden Girls when I was 6 years old while I was visiting my aunt and uncle. Every morning I would crawl in bed, eat blueberry pancakes, and watch Betty White.

She’s definitely made a bang hosting SNL, and now with a new sitcom : Hot in Cleveland.

When I was in LA I had the exciting opprotunity to attend the PalyFest2011 for a screening of her sitcom and…see Betty in person! I must have pinched myself at least 10 times just because I was in the same room.

If only my camera had more zoom...

In her typical fashion she was absolutely adorable and cracked one liners all over the place. My favorite spill? Her stories about her not so secret crush on Robert Redford and how they’ve never actually met but still exchange witty gifts via snail mail.

Cheers to the legend. I’ll always love Betty White.



About urbanpeach

A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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