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Wrappin’ It Up

There’s only one more week left of our sophomore year. I am in complete denial that I’m now half way done with my college career. I am also in denial that I will be moving out of my sorority house … Continue reading

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Move over vampires.

Robert Pattison has just earned major snaps in my book. And not for Twilight… or anything remotely related to Twilight. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve seen the movies and read the books but he just looks creepy onscreen in all … Continue reading

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While we were in Williamsport this weekend we stopped by the outlets to do a bit of shopping. Except do you know how hard it is not to buy every single cute pair of shorts you see when you’re in … Continue reading

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Snuggle Bunny

Happy Easter weekend! A bunch of my roommates and I are headed to Williamsport, MD for the night to get some soul food and go to church service in the morning. Cheers for the largest Redmen in the nation- who … Continue reading

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Got 10 bow ties- I could frat all day

Today’s the day! Kappa Alpha Order’s annual Rosebowl starts! Lots of volleyball, grilling, pinnies, and bro/bittie status. Obviously- one of my favorite weeks out of the whole year. We’re currently up in the volleyball tournament- snaps. I promise to write … Continue reading

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Relative Pronouns

I should be studying the French relative pronouns right now… qui, que, lequel, and the dreaded… dont. But I’m not- because I’ve become terribly distracted by bakerella and through link hopping have discovered a world of glorious cake stands. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Boot Envy

Summer is right around the corner, classes are winding down before finals, and all I can think about is cowboy boots. Seriously, they won’t get out of my head- problem? Nahhh Keep Calm and Cowboy On -Peach

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