Q & A

I’ve had a slight obsession with Alexa Chung for a while now (along with the rest of the world) so when I stumbled on this little Q&A I couldn’t help but share.

If there is anyone’s closet I’d ever want…it would be a close tie between Alexa and Mrs. Pillsburry from Glee.

reblogged via classiccase

My Answers…
guilty pleasure: Glee, Ice Coffee, The Pioneer Woman
candy bar: Twix
houseplant: Fern- love fern anyone?
nailpolish color: Cherry Red
midnight snack: bananas with peanut butter OR more likely- Tutti Gusti
drugstore essential: Psst Dry Shampoo
weird habits: making something like a chipmunk noise when I’m thinking
pet peeve: winter temps in April, obliviously loud talkers in the library



About urbanpeach

A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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1 Response to Q & A

  1. Alexa is just fab… can she ever do wrong with her fashion choices? I think not…

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