Pandora Saves

Sorry about the lack of posts- I’m also blogging for a class this summer and it’s unfortunately taken the majority of my time when I’m not packing. That being said… I still update my tumblr err day. check it.

Summer goal: pack up my life to fit in 3 different places in 3 weeks
1) Herndon
2) Harrisonburg
3) Henry County, GA (Stockbridge didn’t fit with the whole ‘h’ theme)

This goal sounded much easier when I first made it. In real life- notsomuch. “Mom, I’ll be totally fine getting everything packed and taking a summer class before I go to Bonnaroo and then peacing out for Harrisonburg the day I get back. Of course you can take all my boxes to Georgia without me”. yikes.

As a result of me waking up at 8am this morning and staying in my flannel shorts/ neon sports bra combo we’ve seen some progress. My dresser is empty, the walls are bare,  my closet is organized and I’ve packed everything under my bed (no small feat people). This time tomorrow my room will have zero furniture in it and I consequently will be moving down to the basement for a few weeks.

Perk of the basement: bigger bed
Con of the basement: It’s freezing and I’ll be waking up with the sun

Tomorrow we’re taking over the attic. Should be interesting considering I’m pretty sure I still have stuff up there that I moved from GA the first time (aka haven’t even thought about in 4 years). After the attic is packed it should be smooth sailing into Friday when we’re hitting the road again for Georgia. Except this time we’re going allllll the way to Macon- but it’s ok because it means going to the wedding!!! God, I love weddings. Then it’s back to VA on Sunday to continue packing.

Alternating Darius Rucker, Eric Church, and Sleigh Bells Pandora to keep my sanity.

Cross your fingers that it works.


About urbanpeach

A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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