The bigger the hair, the closer to Heaven.

Because I’ve made 3 dozen scrumptious cookies, color coded my Bonnaroo schedule, and read far too much of my communication textbook than I think is necessary for one day- I’ve moved on to making ‘Big Girl Decisions’. This just happens to include looking up where I can (and want to) intern next summer. Last time I was in Atlanta and around the busiest airport in the world… ( yes that’s right- it really is Hartsfield-Jackson) I got the idea of working for an airline stuck in my head. I thought about Delta, it would be a realistic plan since my mom is moving so close to the airport…but then it hit me. Southwest. Texas. Dream Internship.

Some people dream about New York City but I’ve been there and gotten the T-shirt. I think it’s a fantastic city and I love visiting but it’s just not my jam. We didn’t have that spark together. I dream about the ‘Southern T’s” – Tennessee and Texas.

You’ve seen the Southwest commercials so I don’t need to tell you that it seems like a fun company. I honestly though that fun would stop at the commercials but when I looked at the internship I was (gladly) proven wrong. I’m all about a company offering me a ‘laid back dress code 365 days of the year’ and on the job/real world experience all the while making sure I’m in tip top condition with dental and health insurance benefits. jackpot? sounds like it to me.

Bonus: it’s a legitimate reason for me to spend my summer in Texas. I’ve wanted to check the state out for longer than a few days since I drove through five years ago. Every time I pick up a magazine someone always seems to be gushing about Austin, Dallas, or the whole state in general. I think five years is long enough to think about a state (ok I actually think I’m bit overdue but…) and it should be my time to gush.

So if anyone from Southwest gets the tag from this post via a search engine or you just already happen to read my blog (wouldn’t that be spectacular?) I’ll have completed my junior year of college next summer and will be filling out your application in a semester and a half. I’d love for you to keep me in mind.

Au revoir,



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A college student channeling a southern belle/hipster. Yes that combination is possible. Welcome to my daily inspirations!
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