Home Again

I’m a sentimental person- I’ll admit it. I attach a memory to everything and consequently refuse to throw things away. I thought that all had changed last night when I was unpacking my college stuff in order to repack for my trip to Atlanta. I was getting rid of clothes left and right, shoes were getting tossed into trash bags to be donated, and old receipts were history.

Then I made the drive with my mom to Atlanta this morning… and all the sentimental feelings came back. Suddenly every song was the song I listened to in fourth grade or that had played at my first dance. I mean really? It’s a little much even for me.

There are things that I had forgotten about though- like the amount of Chik-Fil-A’s there are! Holy cow every exit was CFA. There’s one within miles of me in Northern Virginia (and it’s too far to drive for breakfast). Here though…o no… I literally have to walk out my hotel’s front door, cross a landscaped median in the parking lot, and I’m at Chil-Fil-A. So where will I be eating breakfast in the morning? Chik-Fil-A. Hello, chicken biscuit- I’ve missed you.

This week is sure to be filled with my Atlanta favorites- Atlantic Station, Little Five Points, IKEA, Lenox Mall and Underground and thrift stores galore. Can’t wait to catch up with some of my favorites and get reacquainted with the city!

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Wrappin’ It Up

There’s only one more week left of our sophomore year. I am in complete denial that I’m now half way done with my college career. I am also in denial that I will be moving out of my sorority house on Friday. It’snothappening.

I’m done with Finals on Wednesday…and I’m staying until Friday. I just can’t bring myself to part with all of my best friends yet. Granted, we’re only breaking into two seperate apartments (right across the street from one another) for the most part… but that’s not the point. We’re giving up our “House Girls” tittle, ordering Chanellos while we’re walking back from Forrest, never wearing our own clothes out on the weekends, and saying we’re going to bed before midnight and staying up until 2am anyways (we talk a lot). It’s the stereotypical sorority girl atmosphere but I don’t want to trade it in for another couple of years.

Our house is a mess of packing and now that we’ve had passdowns it’s even fuller with memorabilia than we care to admit. My room is becoming sparser by the day and I hate coming in to see my roommate has taken more of her picture frames down. It’s not the same. On the bright side- we’re living together next year with two of our other best friends and we plan on having the most legit townhouse ever. Complete with a KitchenAid and “Keep Calm and Cowboy On” posters.

So sad to leave the house but excited to start new memories next year.


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Move over vampires.

Robert Pattison has just earned major snaps in my book. And not for Twilight… or anything remotely related to Twilight. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve seen the movies and read the books but he just looks creepy onscreen in all that paleness. Team Jacob FTW.

Water for Elephants on other hand… sa-wooon. Of course the movie couldn’t do the book justice; it never does. But I’ve gotta hand it to him- he tried. And he made trying look damn good.

Bonus points for guys: he takes a severe knock-a-round towards the end.


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While we were in Williamsport this weekend we stopped by the outlets to do a bit of shopping. Except do you know how hard it is not to buy every single cute pair of shorts you see when you’re in J.Crew? I was in physical pain- actual pain. Then we moved along to Tommy Hilfiger and the pain got worse. Seersucker, and floral prints everywhere. My wallet was screaming no and my heart was screaming yes.

Luckily, I had level-headed partners in crime with me and we’ve (sadly) established a new rule.
Rule #1: If I can’t wear it to Bonnaroo- don’t buy it (yet).
Seersucker is sadly included in this clause. I’m not tryna roll up with cuffed pleats.

Yes, this is a dramatic story about not being able to buy up the prepster stores in Hagerstown. Sorry not sorry- I take my shorts seriously this time of year.

To ease the pain… here are the shorts I will be purchasing as soon as my first pay check comes in (please let it be soon).



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Snuggle Bunny

Happy Easter weekend! A bunch of my roommates and I are headed to Williamsport, MD for the night to get some soul food and go to church service in the morning. Cheers for the largest Redmen in the nation- who knew?

I’ve been to Williamsport twice already (it’s right next to Hagerstown) and have had a blast both times. There’s nothing like a small town feel to make a southern girl homesick. Bonus- tomorrow I can finally drink a Diet Coke. Lent felt like ages this year and I miss my soda of choice immensely.

It’s been an awesome weekend full of house parties, lazing in bed, movie watching and to top it off… I got an interview at the downtown bakery for a sumer job! snaps*

thankfully yours

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Got 10 bow ties- I could frat all day

Today’s the day! Kappa Alpha Order’s annual Rosebowl starts! Lots of volleyball, grilling, pinnies, and bro/bittie status. Obviously- one of my favorite weeks out of the whole year.

We’re currently up in the volleyball tournament- snaps. I promise to write more (interesting) things after I finish my bio project. Or tomorrow when I’m in the library… nbd.

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Relative Pronouns

I should be studying the French relative pronouns right now… qui, que, lequel, and the dreaded… dont. But I’m not- because I’ve become terribly distracted by bakerella and through link hopping have discovered a world of glorious cake stands.

via Bakerella

Seriously, I need that pink ruffle cake in my life. It would be perfect for Easter Sunday (Mom if you’re reading this…) I don’t even consider myself to be that girly girl, a fact I’m realizing may be changing over time, there’s just something about the cake stands that makes my stomach all a flutter (it could be the boy…but for the sake of this post we’ll say it’s the cake stands).

If I find one in peach soon my wallet may be downsizing. In other news… please cross your fingers that I get a summer job here in Harrisonburg working at a downtown bakery. pleasepleaseplease.

Au revoir,

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